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Another selfie from yesterday that I failed to post. Im totally lost on the actual selfie number but oh well. #onethousandselfies

Thanks everyone for the input, I know alllll about the different options, it’s just finding which is right for me. I don’t like the risk of the IUD moving but I also don’t like the idea of having to be cut into to remove the inner arm implant. I’m leaning more towards an IUD but I still have quite a few concerns.

It’s really just something I have to talk to my doctor about at this point, but thanks for all the input everyone :)

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My name is Danielle & I sleep with a lot of blankets, sad part - Seth will probably not get any of these and I’ll steal his most likely. 🙊

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Thinking about switching to a new birth control. Plan B is expensive and I don’t want to buy it every time we get a “little” caught up.

I want something that’s like. Really really really effective.

Besides a vasectomy for him or me getting my tubes tied.

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It’s time for week 1 weigh in for our TBL competition! Please send me your weight by 5 central U.S. Only results submitted by this time will be considered for the weekly winner.

You can send it any format you’d like but it will be converted it lbs and rounded to the nearest 1/2 lb. This is needed…

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Big Chewy Cookies and Cream Cookies

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Decided to be a badass motherfucker and do yoga in stilettos to wake up a little bit before going out!

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